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EVIDENCE: we teach you to furnish convincing proof of value to win your property tax appeal.

  • We point you to use the facts you need to present in order to win.

  • There is absolutely no magic involved. We show you how to dispute your property taxes & provide backup for the RIGHT EVIDENCE and a factual winning conclusion.

  • Only the right facts count and a logical presentation confirms value. We guide you step-by-step.

  • We help you win your case armed with the same methods & evidence that a licensed real estate appraiser would present.

A Property Tax Appeal Service That  Guides You To Making the Correct Adjustments

  • With the right adjustment to your comparables and showing the right proof, you’ll have the best odds to win your case.

  • From the property tax assessment appeal letter to the end, we show you every way possible to win your case.

  • Use this comprehensive, logical, itemized workbook using actionable fact and figures plus advice based on experience from years working as a real estate appraiser & property tax consultant!

  • If you’re not using these principles when working on your property tax appeal, you could be leaving a TRUCKLOAD of money on the table. Times are tough, and the tough may need some skilled help in order to prosper.


You know that you’re property tax assessment is wrong and want it corrected but expert help gets expensive!

Trial and error sifting through comparable data without a guide.

Many unknown parameters for adjustments create doubts in you mind.

Real estate appraisers might charge $500+ to show up at hearings with their paperwork, possibly hiring an attorney … more $ without any guarantee of winning.

Spend valuable time researching instead of getting your property tax appeal done for a low valuation.


Use A professional Guidebook, Adjustment format & worksheets

NO figuring stuff out. NO thinking about how to make it work.

Peace of mind that you have expert real estate appraisal advice at hand.

Boatloads of examples for every kind of property tax adjustment.

Powerful facts, figures and tactics that make your case correct & viable.

Improving your winning odds by furnishing the right proof.

Step-by-step complete workbook, adjustment sheet for every adjustment category and presentation guide.

Save time & money on the learning curve!

Complete Step-by-Step Property Tax Appeal Guide eBook Course


Item-By-Item Category Adjustment Sheet For All Adjustment Categories

Commercial Property Tax Reduction: Step-by-Step Commercial Property Tax Appeal Guide.

Complete Commercial Property Tax Valuation Guide Book Course, Forms, Math Needed To Win.

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Commercial Property Tax Reduction Guidebook

Adjust Property Taxes & Appeals For Others As A Side Business Hustle – A Sound Source For Extra Income Course.

Help others fight an unjust assessment.  Large contingency commissions available. Order the Course or get a Free eBook Overview, Click Below:

Property Tax Appeal Service Business

How To Increase Your Current Appeal Chance of Success! Successfully Make Adjustments that get your Over-assessment Cash Outlay Back With Virtually No Risk. Use A Step By Step, Precise, Virtually Fail-Proof Research To Make Your Case.

We Show and Provide Exceptional Resources and Information You’ll Need To Make Your Case Stick so you can WIN.

Adjustment Sheet Furnishes Delineating all Adjustment Categories, Categorized Item-By-Item Evidence (including a narrative citing specific evidence for any categorical value conclusion when needed)