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Before this mysterious group rushed to my aid, I lived a reckless life. I could never work up the courage to pull the trigger. It didn’t matter how blackout drunk I got, it didn’t matter how many prescription pain pills I took.

I just could not pull the trigger

So instead, I lived a life filled with destruction. All I did was take hard drugs, and fill my self up with liquor. It didn’t matter how dangerous the situation was, I’d jump right it. I didn’t really care. I had a deathwish. I secretly wanted to die.

I was living on the edge of death

But surviving so many close calls made me wonder if I did have a purpose. It’s all I’ve ever wanted, a reason to live. All I needed was just a little hope to keep me going. The Law of Attraction gave me that hope, except…

The Law of Attraction wasn’t working!!!”

I was aware of the law of attraction, but I couldn’t make it work. I spent thousands of dollars, bought all the books, listened to all the experts. It wasn’t working and my hope was dying.

And When it did seem to work the curse would take over!

Once I attracted $1,000 for an epic date night, but instead of being able to go on the date, my car blew up. It cost 783 dollars to get it fixed. I had to go on a crappy discount date.

Another time, I attracted $6,200 for a few months of rent, and it got locked in my online banking account for 6 months before I could spend it.

“The Curse was alive and well”

It was later explained to me by members of a mysterious order, that unless you rewire your DNA, anything you attract with fast and dirty attraction methods will always be cursed. And that’s if you can even make it work at all.

And that’s the type of bad information that’s spreading around the internet from so-called experts. Everything else is designed to make you feel good, but that’s about it. The other courses aren’t designed to get you massive, lasting, and consistent results.

“Unless the curse is broken, you’ll never have full control over your life.”

I understand that being cursed sounds like a bunch of hocus pocus. But it actually makes a lot of sense. Unless you reprogram your DNA, you will always think, act, feel and behave in the same way. It doesn’t matter how positive you think or feel, because  your ancestors passed down this information genetically, and this information very much controls your mind.

Have you ever heard of the curse of the lotto?

It’s a proven fact that 70% of lottery winners end up with more debt than before they hit it big. And the reason is because of the curse of your ancestors. The genetic information passed on from their DNA to yours over thousands of years is supposed to help you survive.

But Instead of helping you, it’s holding you back

If you’re not wired for wealth it wouldn’t matter if someone gave you 10 Million dollars tomorrow. You’d make bad investment choices, get overly generous, and feel like you don’t deserve it.

Then BAM! Before you know it you’re broke again…

This happened to me when my online business broke $35,000 a month the first time. I started feeling like I didn’t deserve it, that I must be doing something wrong. I made a series of bad decisions and ended up losing everything  just as fast.

I lost my house, my cars, everyone hated me and treated me like garbage and I entered the darkest period of my life.

This all happens because your DNA decides how you think, how you feel, and how you behave in certain situations.

This all works together to create your current reality. It’s why you said “yes,” when you really meant to say “no.” It’s why you say “no,” when you really want to say “yes.”

It’s the reason both my Dad and my Grandpa missed out on massive fortunes. My Grandpa said “no” to an investment opportunity which made everyone but him millionaires. He’s lived with this regret for nearly 50 years.

My Dad almost hit “THE BIG ONE,” except he didn’t buy his lottery ticket that week. The same ticket that he’s been getting every week for years. He’s been filled with rage and anger ever since.

Are you starting to see how this all works?

“You MUST reprogram your DNA or you’ll never be able to take control of your own mind.”

Scientific American published a study that shows cancer patients can change their DNA with their thoughts.

Once you know how to do this, you can create whatever you want in your life.

What Would You Create First?

Everybody has different desires, some people really need money, while others really need healing or love and attention. And if you haven’t been getting results it’s because you’re programmed to stay right where you are now.

“Holographic Programming Can Instantly Reprogram Your DNA to Bend Reality to Your Will. “

The last place I ever expected to learn this was from a group of magicians. They overheard me talking in a coffee shop about the Russian scientists and their research, which proves you can reprogram your DNA with certain thoughts and frequencies.

They must have sensed the dark energies swirling around me and decided to intervene to help relieve some of my depression.

“They invited me to the most beautiful suite on the Vegas Strip that I’ve ever seen”

A few days later. We were hanging out in the suite for a couple of hours, then a small group broke off and asked me to come with them. I wasn’t  sure what was happening, but I eagerly followed.

They showed me a 10-minute ritual that reprogrammed my reality all the way down to my DNA

They explained to me the difference between attraction and true creation. They showed me how to purify my intentions to help create my desires even faster. Then we did the ritual, this all felt very natural and familiar for some reason. It was a very Déjà vu like feeling 

After it was over, they kindly asked me to leave. I left the suite with a very tingly feeling. I felt a calm confidence radiating from within. I felt like no matter what, all would be well.

“For the first time ever, I saw results instantly.”

My life instantly began to take shape. I took the elevator down to the casino lobby to call for my rideshare. I felt so magnetic, so electric that the hair on my arms was standing straight up. I was almost done walking to the pickup area.

When WAM! A drunk guy slapped me on the chest with $40 bucks!

He said “I’M HAVING THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE, I’m just trying to spread the luck around. Try it in that machine over there…” I asked if I could just keep the forty bucks since I don’t really gamble.

“NO! YOU HAVE TO PLAY IT!” “Whatever buddy, it’s your loss, not mine…” So I stuck in both twenties,  clicked on the $20 max bet. NOTHING! One spin left… So I clicked the max bet one last time.

CHA-CHING!  I just won $200 in a slot machine for the first time!


I cashed out the ticket, gave the first person I saw $60, and told her ” I’m having a pretty good night and that I just wanted to spread the luck around.” Then left…

“The Curse Was FINALLY lifted! My life began to take shape, and my crippling self doubt and anxiety were gone.

Over the next few weeks, my life completely changed. All of my crippling self-doubt and anxiety was gone. It was replaced with a type of calm confidence and charisma. I no longer felt worthless, and more importantly, I no longer had the urge to kill myself.

I felt like I was being guided by something that wanted me to win in all areas of life. 

Before the ritual my side hustle was failing miserably, I wasn’t making any money. I didn’t enjoy the work and I didn’t feel like my life had any purpose. I was filled with doubt and confusion, and no matter how hard I tried to get motivated I just couldn’t.

Because of my new programming, I decided to shut down my side hustle and start something more aligned with my higher purpose. While my new idea was putting itself together, I kept getting random bursts of cash to keep me going.

Blessings were pouring in from everywhere

I found a lost dog with an 800 dollar reward. I kept finding really nice furniture on the curb, that people were buying for tidy little profits. This new project just flowed together effortlessly.   Normally I’d be filled with crippling self-doubt and uncertainty and would’ve never gotten it done.

But I felt guided by something that wanted me to succeed. I kept getting flashes of inspiration, and the entire plan flashed before my very eyes in an instant.  Before I knew it, my project was done and earning me a solid income.

“The trickle of blessings turned into a flood

The trickle of blessings turned into a flood, and now I want to share the Holographic Programming Method with anyone whose ready to reverse the curse that’s holding your bloodline captive..”

I never planned on sharing this information with ANYONE. I’ve always liked having an unfair advantage over everyone else.

But the world needs this now more than ever. 

There is so much wrong with the world I don’t even know where to begin. So many people are struggling. The suicide and poverty rates are truly alarming, and it’s only going to get worse.

The world is dying, and it’s being killed by the same people who’ve hidden these secrets from us. And if you want to fight back then you have to know how the game is played.

If you want to go up against the most powerful people in the world and create real change, then you’ll have to take away their power by mastering their own tricks.

You’ll also need resources. There’s a reason they want to keep us all broke, frustrated and fighting amongst ourselves. So start with yourself, take care of your needs, then share freely with the world.

I trust you to use the Holographic Programming Method to make the world a better place, not to further destroy it.