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The #1 Regret of the dying is not living a life true to yourself. If your life was taken tomorrow would you have regrets? 

Hi, I’m Marci Nault.

For the last eleven years I’ve been living my Bucket List Life after finding the secrets to living a life going from one magnificent experience to the next while falling in love with myself, the world and life. 

Before I found this secret I had so many dreams, but I had no idea how to achieve them. . .

I thought if I could just be thin enough, find the right career, be able to keep to a program of gratitude and envisioning what I wanted with dream boards and mindset I’d find happiness, love, wealth, and health.

And you know what? I was really good at following every program to the letter. I gave up my life to follow the rules of others’ success, but nothing every lasted. . .

Until one day I found the secret that put me on the most incredible journey of my life. . . and after ten years of living life one magnificent dream to the next, being blown away by how amazing life can become. . .

I’m on a mission to help as many people as I can to KNOW THE TRUTH!

Before I found this secret, I was broken emotionally and physically. My family was torn apart. My brother had almost died.

I had no place to live because the house I was renting was being foreclosed. I was alone, scared, and without a career. I was out of answers.

I was at my lowest point!

I’d spent years following coaching programs, diet and exercise challenges, financial programs, and Law of Attraction principles only to end feeling like a failure.

I blamed myself.

If only I had been more grateful (even though I wrote in my journal day and night).

If only I’d worked out harder (even though I was following P90X 1.5 hours per day).

If only I’d followed the career path that had been set for me in high school.

If only I’d been able to keep my vision

Then One Question Changed Everything . . .