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Honestly? We got tired of seeing burned-out, love-starved wives who carried so much stress, pressure, and anxiety with them all the time that they ended up quietly resenting their marriage.

The list of things we want for women is really small:

– We want you to feel cherished, loved and adored by your husband

– We want you to carry less of the emotional and mental load in your marriage

– We also want your marriage to feel fun, exciting, and flirty again

That’s not such a big list, is it?

And funny enough, that’s exactly what we made for you!

Now, you might be thinking, “Come on guys, I’ve tried things to make my relationship better before, but it never helps. Why don’t you talk to my husband? He’s the one who needs to step up his game!

We totally get that! And that’s exactly why we created the Epic Wives Experiment.

We see so many wives spinning their wheels, trying to get more done in less time, carrying the bulk of the responsibility for the quality of their relationship on their shoulders… and frankly, they end up burned-out, tired, and resentful.

And we don’t want you to go through that!

Most women do one of two things when they’re feeling this way:

Some women put on their super-hero cape and take on all the responsibilities they wish they had help with… even if it means sacrificing themselves in the process. Then they guiltily complain about a husband who isn’t pulling his weight.

The other group of women completely shut down. They turn off the physical and emotional intimacy in their marriage so they have the energy to do everything else. They pretend nothing is wrong, and accept this intimacy-free version of life as normal.

I don’t know about you, but neither of those options sounds very fun to me.

So, Laura and I have spent months creating an alternative.

We’ve put together a series of powerful experiments for you to conduct in your marriage that are designed to get you more love, connection, and support… all while putting in less time and effort.

Regardless of whether you’ve been married for 7 months or 70 years, you’re going to wake up next to a partner who wants to contribute more around the house, free up your time, support you emotionally, and be excited about doing it!

You’ll reconnect with that flirty… (and dare we say seductive?) side of yourself that might have gone into hibernation for a while.

Now whether you feel like your marriage is already strong, or you feel like the fire you feel for your husband needs to be stoked, join us in the Epic Wives Experiment. 

Use our simple (and quick) “experiments” to reignite the passion, connection, intimacy, and love for your partner. 

It only takes a few minutes a day. In fact, most of the “experiments” require less time than it takes to throw in a load of laundry.