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Reroute your life in just 12 hours

What if just 12 hours of your time could change the direction of your life and send it full throttle towards
fulfilling your deepest
desires? You’re probably thinking that’s not possible. Twelve hours is only half a day. That’s not enough
time to change the direction of my life!


It’s a concept so simple that you’ll be slapping your forehead with the palm of your hand.
Yet, so few people actually sit down and do it. No worries…we’ll walk you through it.

Fulfilling life

Not Happy With Your Life…

Do you feel like you’re stuck in neutral? Maybe, you feel you can’t get ahead in your career or you’re sick
and tired of constantly living paycheck to paycheck?

Perhaps, you really want a partner that cherishes
you for you.

Fulfilling life

So, you say your dreams don’t matter?

Dreams, wishes and hopes make the world go round. They really do. Don’t believe that? Just
take a look at some of the biggest events, scientific advances and artistic endeavours in the last few
Do you want something more from your career but you’re lacking the skills to realize your
dream? With hard work, you can overcome this. Louis Pasteur was a mediocre student at best in hard-core
academics. He had the inherent ability to be an artist. Yet, he succeeded in creating their first vaccine
and made contributions in the area of illnesses, bacteria and germs.

Dreams, desires and wishes made the world as it is now.

Here’s a couple more events that
were the result of dreams…

Fulfilling life
The Founding Fathers of the United States of America had a vision of a land governed “by
the people, for the people”. They wanted that dream, so badly they went to war over it. And won.
Abraham Lincoln had a vision of free and equal United States for all. His dream was
important to him. He even let the country fall into a civil war where brother fought brother for this
equality. Now your dreams and wishes probably won’t start a war, but wishes, dreams and hopes have pushed
our most legendary and successful individuals to their greatest accomplishments.

Your dreams can be reached. your dreams don’t necessarily have to have an impact on
anybody but you to be-considered an exceptional achievement.

Your Dreams Matter…but you need a plan!

A plan…why would you need a plan? Because otherwise you would be doing what you are doing
right now.
You feel aimless and lack direction.You want more for your life, but don’t know what to do to make it

Your dreams can be reached. your dreams don’t necessarily have to have an impact on
anybody but you to be-considered an exceptional achievement.

The aimless, dismal life cure is…

To really put YOUR dreams into the spotlight, you need to make a plan. So what is this
miracle cure, which will help you get your life on track? It’s not a painless pill or sensational cream.
It’s the “Find Your Purpose, Design Your Life” Guide by James Walker leads you through making that plan.
It’s a critical resource for people who want stop being spectators and achieve their dreams.There’s no need
to sit in front of the stop light waiting for the green light. This roadmap gets you on the highway and
keeps you travelling in the right direction!

Fulfilling life - It's not just a book

It’s not just a book…

Alright, it is just a book. Yet, the “Find Your Purpose, Design Your Life” Guide by James
Walker transcends the typical non-fiction and fiction book. Reading it can change your life! From the way
you view your dreams to choosing which dream to pursue, this book helps readers navigate those murky waters.
No, it’s not just a book. It’s your guide to a new direction and purpose in your life. You’ll find YOUR
purpose and design YOUR life.

What’s in the book?

The book is full of techniques and methods to determine your dreams, organize them and set you up for

All you have to do to achieve your dreams is embrace them!

Fulfilling life - It's not just a book

WHO’s used this method?

James Walker used this technique to make 1.5 million dollars and realize his dream of
living in a sunny exotic location. Then, he taught associates, clients and his kids the method in this
workbook with great success. Those that followed the directions in this book have succeeded beyond their
wildest dreams. Those that decided to forgo the methods and techniques ended up living a life without
reaching their wishes, dreams and desires.

What in this book?

This e-book is perfect for college grads, individuals stuck in dead end job, retirees and
anyone who feels life was meant to be far more rewarding. It provides you with the tools you need to make
decisions and choose a direction for your future.

HOW It Helps You?

This guide motivates you to sit down and examine what you want out of life. You’ll organize
it, categorize it and refer to the results of YOUR CUSTOMIZED PLAN daily.

You’ll no
longer be doing nothing about reaching those dreams and wishes. You’ll have a direction, a purpose.

So, WHAT Should i do with It?

Start with blocking off a portion of your weekend to complete the book or put aside an hour
a night until it’s complete. The book is best read and worked through in seclusion. When you’re ready, sit
down and begin your journey. Don’t worry – you don’t have to do the entire book in one sitting. Just make
sure you start at the beginning. Read the instructions and do all the exercises.

It’s that simple. And best of all – it really does work!

How does it work?

The “Find Your Purpose, Design Your life” workbooks does exactly as the name implies. It
guides you as you work through your wants, desires, responsibilities, choices and dreams to help you find
your purpose. Then, it continues to act as a guide to take that purpose and design your future.

Why Should I Buy?

Do you feel like you’re up the creek without a paddle? Or are you just doing okay? When you
buy this guide it will take you to the next level – GUARANTEED – and you’ll be able to attain all your
hopes, dreams and wishes!

What makes it so Special?

This workbook was created by a man, who once stood where you are today. He was just
trudging through life and taking what was thrown at him. Achieving your dreams never happens without hard
work and active participation. He’s implemented these techniques and methods in his own life.

What about Unexpected Circumstances

The best events never go according to plan, but that’s okay. There’s plenty of room in this
wonderful world to reassess and redirect your ideas.

So, when you purchase the “Find your Purpose, Design Your Life” by James Walker, you get 40
plus pages of information and exercises to help you achieve your dreams. For most people, that makes the guide
worth thousands of dollars. After all, everyone wants their dreams to come true. In this special offer, you
won’t pay anywhere near that amount.

If you feel that a single book won’t fix and redirect the aimless wondering of your
current life … keep reading to learn more!

Get the next best thing to personalized coaching with our full “Find Your Purpose, Design
You Life” package. Don’t worry…you get everything in the workbook and then some. The package gives you the
following benefits:

Fulfilling life - Additional Package

Sounds Great! What comes in this additional Package?

That’s pretty much everything you need short of sitting down for a series of talks with a Find
Your Purpose, Design Your Life author and life guide James Walker.

Fulfilling life

But that’s not all you get.

James Walker isn’t a one book wonder. He’s got another book “Dad’s Guide To Happiness and
Financial Well Being”. Those that choose this package also get a copy of this book, too.

So, why the Advanced Package?

Your dreams matter and purchasing the advanced package helps you tackle those dreams. Think
of it this way. Each dream realized is worth its weight in gold and the cost of this package pales in
comparison to achieving even just one dream.

A Happier You

Realizing your dreams makes you feel happier, which will overflow into your family and work
life. It might result in a person, who snaps less at their family and friends. It’s kind of like the
stereotypical grumpy senior, who stays inside and hates being bothered. Being happier makes you easier to
live and work around.

A More Satisfied You

Achieving just one dream makes you feel more satisfied in your current situation which
naturally overflows into all other aspects of your life.

Promote Dreams To Your Kids

Dreams are a natural way of life, but individuals are more likely to support their children
in their dreams when their own come true.

Be More Adept at Reaching For Other Dreams

Once you get just the tiniest taste of achieving your dreams, aspirations and desires, you
will be less hesitant to reach for your other dreams. Before you know it, you will be a dream-reaching

Fulfilling life

Sure…I Want To Be Happier, But How Much

You’re getting a package worth a thousand dollars, when you choose the Advanced Package.
But you won’t pay anywhere near that amount.
You’ll get the videos, the guide, workbook, Power-point with voice-over, and the “Dad’s
Guide To Happiness and Financial Well Being” for just…

Yep…re-route your life with a single purchase of the Advanced “Find Your
Your Life” package.

So how long does the Advanced Package take to complete?

It takes just a little longer – about one weekend. That’s just a few extra hours to work
through the different components to get the most out of the package. The same steps apply.

Steps For Success

  • 1. Read the book
  • 2. Watch the video
  • 3. View the Power-point with voice-over
  • 4. Think about the content
  • 5. Don’t lie to yourself about what you really want
  • 6. Do the exercises
  • 7. Read “Dad’s Guide To Happiness and Financial Well Being”
  • 8. Take charge of your future

How Would I Take Advantage of The Whole Package?

As with the e-book/guide, you don’t need a lot of time to complete it. You spend a weekend
reading and working through the guide and workbook. Figure out where you want your life to go. Then, wake up
Monday morning ready to take charge of your life.
Alternatively, you can spend an hour a night for a week or two bed to complete the whole
package. The video and Power-point expand on the information in the book, so don’t forget to watch the video
and listen to the Power-point presentation before starting the exercises in the workbook.

Fulfilling life

Get the Ultimate aimless life cure with the

“Find Your Purpose, Design Your Life”

Advanced Package.

  • Are you ready for a new life?
  • One that makes you happy?
  • One that makes you eager to wake up in the morning?
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